Thursday, February 21, 2008

...when you leave kids to themselves...

I went downstairs to put some laundry in, it took about 10 minutes, I decided that it was way too quiet upstairs. I peek around the corner and see Makynna wiping the floor in the kitchen with a dish towel. I asked her what had happened and she said she was cleaning up a mess. I assumed it was the cats' water because she was right by their dishes. I told her I would help her and she gave me the towel...but low and be hold there was no water on the cloth...but Poop! She had got the runs, it blew out the back of her pants while she was playing in the kitchen. She was being helpful and cleaning it up for me. What a good kid! But, it just kinda smeared all over the place. So I picked her up and changed her, then it was to the kitchen to clean the mess. As I was cleaning the mess my beautiful daughter asked me, "Mommy, you cleaning your mess up?" Oh how wonderful she is!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Snap Happy.

I have become a shutter bug now with two kids. I am also trying to play around with my camera a little more...taking random, yet interesting or cute pictures. Here is what I did this week while working on only 6 hours of sleep in 63 hours. Yes, both kids were sick this also being Valentines weekend(for those of you who aren't in the restaurant industry that means I don't see my husband for approximately 4 days...he is a slave to his job). Makynna had some sort of stomach bug and pretty much puked for 2 days and Oryn had a really bad cold, and could barely breath. My sanity was not intact for a few days...but I did get some help from my loving family. Thank you to everyone who helped out. Anyways, everyone is on the mend now...except for Scott, who still has 2 more hell days(Monday being Family Day), poor guy. Okay....lets get back to the pictures!

This picture was taken from my comfortable spot on the couch...where I spent the better part of 3 days, watching my two sickies.

Monday, February 11, 2008

For those of you who know my eldest child, you also know that she only has 2 speeds: Super FF and Dead Asleep. Well low and behold we found something that kept her entertained for over 20 minutes...and quiet. She made a mess but it was worth the quiet time.

Yep, she pealed all the paper off her crayons. We tried to talk to her but she was concentrating so hard that we were blocked out. So I guess what I need to do is buy a new box of crayons when ever I need her to sit still and be quiet. Could be expensive but just might be worth it.

Now how cute are these two! Makynna was in a good mood the other day so I had a few minutes to capture the fun she was having with Oryn. In the one black and white I can't get over how many similarities my girls have. Its crazy!

This is Makynna "Farting" Oryn. She watches Scott and me do so often that she has decided that she needs to help too. All she does is hold Oryn's legs and says "Fart Oryn, I help you." Quite entertaining.

After church on Sunday I was trying to think of an activity that would keep Makynna happy and entertained until it was time for supper. I decided that we should make home made buns. We had a blast! It took the better part of 2 1/2 hours (Me not being talented in the bread making area). The buns turned out okay but it was the fun we had that was the best. I gave Makynna her own dough. That poor piece of dough. It got work! We never put it in the oven...even though I told her we did...I couldn't even imagine how hard it would have been. When Dad got home from work he got attacked. It was not the day for Scott to wear all black. Scott was a good sport...but quickly turned the tables on Makynna and tickled her to death...well, I am pretty sure she peed.

Tonight we went over to visit Makynna and Oryn's Great-Grandma Ully. Makynna was her usual hyperactive self, and Oryn was content the whole time. Grandma and Grandpa Ully were there as well. It was the first time Great-Grandma had seen Oryn.
Grandpa entertained Makynna with the wheelchair. It was amusing to watch. And Grandma loved on Oryn.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Now that I have some time...

Okay, I have been slowly getting myself organized. I am venturing out on my own more. Kynna, Oryn, and I have a good system going. I am quite suprised at how well Makynna behaves while we are out...but you through another adult into the mix and she seems not to want to cooperate. Funny, you would think it would be the other way around.
I have also had the chance to brave the single parent at bed time. Chrissy I don't know how you did it...or still do it. I have survived and come out with not so bad resaults.
It is quite cute to watch Makynna with her baby sister. She loves to walk up to Oryn...while she is asleep in her chair give a BIG squeeze, pat her head or face and say "Oryn, you're my best friend! I love you!" Which Oryn replies with a good scream on some occasions. But on most she just watches and listens to her big sister with pure content. I love it...I know it won't last forever so I must take it when I can get it.
Now for the picture update....

Makynna and I spend a lot of time at the Cheese Cake...with Oryn who sleeps. This is where we take most of our pictures. So this is a peek at our silly time together.

Now for an assault of pictures of Oryn.

Okay, I will not bore anyone with anymore pictures...on this post at least.