Sunday, October 12, 2008

Six Random Facts About Kimmie

#1. I am anal retentive about capitals, spelling, and grammar when typing thing on the computer. It annoys me to all heck when people type in all lower case and when they don't use the correct words, for example: their/there/they're, whole/hole, write/right. ALL computers have spell check as well. For serious people! Would you get a passing grade in elementary school doing this?!?! I think not! Proof reading is a must.

#2. I still have my first security blanket, Mr. Booboo. I cannot sleep without him. I cannot travel without him. I WILL NOT EVER GIVE HIM UP!!! I WILL be buried with him. There isn't much left of him. When my Grandma T. made him about 23 years ago, he was blue and had little puppy dogs holding blankets on him. Now the only part of him left is the underside and the little ties the used to hold the top, the cotton batting, and the bottom together. I fear that every time I wash him he will fall apart...but I just cannot bring myself to retire him.

#3. When putting my groceries away I must organize, face (have all the labels facing English side forward), lined up perfectly and rotate old in front and new in the back. Everything has its place, and if it isn't where it is supposed to be I will take everything out of the cupboards and reorganize so that everything is perfect again. This is thanks to a boss I had years ago.

#4. I love theater makeup. Halloween is my favorite time of year. I enjoy making people look grotesque. I would have to say that my favorite Halloween yet was when I made my youngest sister and I look like bear attack victims. We each had three claw marks across our faces from hairline to chin. At the time I worked at a camping/hunting supply store and it looked so realistic that my co-workers would tell anyone who asked that I had a run in with a bear while camping and the costumers believed them. But due to having two young children I have put this passion on hold in fear of scaring them.

#5. I LOVE LADYBUGS!!! I have just about everything imaginable with ladybugs on it. I started collecting them in my early teens. It is a sickness in ways but I can't bring myself to stop.

#6. I have a complete and utter fear of open closets. The doors have to be all the way closed or I cannot sleep. I have taken the doors off all the closets in my house to creat a no closet feeling. When I was 5 years old I had a nightmare that a Dracula came out of my closet and killed my whole family. Ever since then either they are to be be shut or must not exist.

I don't know many people with blogs so I tag the next person that reads this...Papa I know you have read this. =)