Monday, March 31, 2008

A weekend full of fun...and spending money!

I took Makynna and Oryn shopping on Saturday. I wanted to pick up some clothing that actually fit. What a wonderful surprise it was when Sears was having a big sale! I got away with a pair of jeans , a pair of sweat pants, a workout shirt, a nice dressy shirt, a hoodie, and some new underwear...but when shopping for underwear remember to leave your father in-law with the kids. My in-laws met us at the mall. Grandpa was with Makynna to start but while I was trying on cloths she decided she wanted to go for a walk with Grandma and Oryn...Aubrey stayed behind to wait for me. After I decided what I was going to keep for cloths it was off to the panties. Poor guy! Oh well. Anywho, after I finished shopping for me we took a walk around. We stopped at SportCheck so Makynna could look at the bikes. She looked at the red ones...then the blue ones but all by its lonesome was a cute little pink one. Makynna took a fancy to it(the first pink thing she has ever picked out on her own) and it was on sale so I bought it for her. When the guy was unlocking the bike to bring it to the till Makynna almost took the poor guy out. She thought that he was taking her bike away. It was funny. She sat on the bike, very proud while I pulled her through the mall out to the Jeep. A lot of people commented on how cute she looked, and that she was. Now I have to spend some quality time teaching her how to ride a big girl bike. We now have the steering thing down but if anyone has any advice on how to teach a 2 1/2 year old to peddle please let me know.

This was too cute a photo to pass up. Grandpa Ully and Makynna walking in the mall.

Scott surprised me by planning a day of quadding in the mountains with some of our friends this weekend. June, my mother in-law was brave enough to take both kids all day Sunday while we went. We dropped them off at 9 am and set off for the Porcupine Hills. It was a blast!

About 15 minutes into our first trail Scott decide to pin it up a hill...we ended up bouncing off a tree root on to a rock then onto another tree root blowing out our rear right tire. So, we turned around and filled it up (Thanks to Troy for bringing his air compressor!). Then it was back on the trails again. The day was beautiful. Only a few clouds in the sky, a light snow, and a cool breeze which put the temperature around -5 C all day. There was still a lot of snow on the ground, 3 feet in some places. Still it was a good time. It was nice to get out of the house without the little kids and play with the big kids. Thanks Scott for thinking to involve me and getting me out of the house. And thank you, June for making it possible by taking the kids!

I apologize in advance for the quality of the photos...disposable cameras do not take very good pictures.

The boys in all their glory.
From left to right: Scott, Mike Crosswhite, BK Mike, and Troy.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Oryn's Blessing

On Sunday, March 16, 2008 Oryn was blessed in Church. My Dad (Papa; Tom Hovan) was there to give the blessing, and everyone who participated was; Jake Roecker (brother-in law), Jeff Fyfe (a good friend of Scott and mine), Jason Green (a good friend of mine), and Gale Iwaasa (a good friend of the family) as well as Bishop Standing (8th Ward Bishop). The blessing was beautiful! Thanks Dad! My Mom (Gama; Sharon Hovan) made Oryn's dress. It was beautiful as well! Thanks Mom! Scott's Mom (Grandma; June Ully) as well as Scott's sister (Auntie Dainta; Daina Ully) came out to support Oryn. And I cannot forget my little sister (Auntie Di; Dian Hovan), my older sister (Auntie Pissy; Chrissy Roecker), and her three children (Liza Lu; Eliza Roecker, Danimal; Daniel Roecker, and Rain Man; Rainey Roecker) all came up from Logan, Utah. I am so greatful for all the love and support both our families show us.

After Church was over we had family to our house for dinner. Nothing fancy, just spaghetti. It was fun to watch all the kids interact. It is amazing at how well they get along for only seeing each other every couple of months. But, by the end of the day Makynna was tired and very grumpy. All in all it was a wonderful day!

As the week went on we got back into our is amazing at how a 3 month old knows what time it is! Oryn knows that at 7:45 pm she gets fed, at 8 pm it is bath time, after bath she gets a top up then usually by 8:45 pm she is in bed. Man, if you don't stick to the schedule, she will let you know. Scott came down with the flu on Wednesday, stayed home from work...something he never does, and has been sick all weekend. Last night I started to get the aches, chills, and a sore throat. This morning I woke up with no voice and felt like death. Makynna was super hyper today, which didn't help the pounding head ache but thankfully Oryn was in a good mood and slept most of the afternoon.

Yesterday I was able to catch Oryn being a little silly. Scott and I can't get over how serious she is. She's not an unhappy baby...just not smiley. She makes us work for the smiles and laughs we do get. She has this new thing with sticking out her tongue. It is wicked funny. We also had Oryn's three month check up yesterday. She weighed in at 12 lbs. 12 oz., and was 23" long. My big baby!

Makynna is Makynna. We went for a visit to Great Grandma Ully's on Monday. Makynna and Grandpa have fun playing with Great Grandma's wheelchair and walker all the time. We discovered how strong Makynna is. She pushed her Grandpa across the floor in the wheelchair with no problems. "What a bull!" as her Dad would say.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just some randome photos...

I was looking through some of my "random" pictures from recent and thought I would share.

Okay, done! Now for the kids...Scott and I have been working with Makynna on her writing. Because Scott is left handed and I am right handed, I have been working with her using both (in turn I have been learning to use my left hand). She has become quite good at switching it up! Now here hoping this ambidextrous thing stick.

Oryn has gotten to the really cute stage of baby. She is starting to make those wonderful cooing sounds, smiling lots, and laughing. She is growing more each day. I am amazed by just watching these two grow and learn. It makes me proud to say I am their Mommy!

Monday, March 10, 2008

As the days go by and the hair turns grey.

It has been an exciting few weeks...not really but we are keeping busy. Oryn is growing like a weed. She got her first set of shots last week. She took them pretty good. While we were there I weighed her...she came in at a whopping 12 lbs. 5 oz. She is having the exact opposite problem then Makynna had when she was a baby. Oryn's legs are too short for the pants but her belly is too big. On the other hand, Makynna's legs were too long and her belly not big enough. But Oryn is still adorable! We are calling her our serious baby. She is always looking around, taking in everything but only smiles on special occasions(that's what I'm calling them). Oryn hones in on Makynna and just watches her. As of late Oryn has become a mommy suck though. She tends to cry if anyone else but Mommy is holding her. I know there will be a day when she won't be like that so I feel blessed...if that is what you want to call it. Jokes! I am blessed.

Makynna is learning way too fast. She has known her alphabet for awhile now so we got her some white board alphabet cards which she calls "school". She can spend hours drawing on them...but would rather color in the pictures then trace the letter. With time though. She is starting her "I can't like you!" stage. It grates on you after awhile but she always reassures you later that she loves you. I have been getting the brunt of this stage because Scott has a lot going on a work and has put a few long days in. So when Daddy is home Mommy is dirt. The other day I went to her room to get her up and she told me she didn't like me and to leave her room and send Daddy in. Scott was at work so I left and closed the door. She played in her room for another 20 minutes and them came out to tell me that she was grump because Daddy left her with me. So we called Daddy at work and talked for a bit...then Mommy was her best friend. I'll take what I can get.

On Saturday we had the chance to meet Scott's side of the family at the mall for lunch. It was good, Makynna got to visit with all her second cousins. The kids were well behaved and they had a blast too. Scott's Auntie Bonnie and Uncle George were visiting from the Pass. Makynna and Oryn's Great Grandma Boo(Scott's Grandma) and Aunt Daina were out too. And Grandma Ully doted on the girls, as usual. And after the mall Grandma Ully took Makynna for the afternoon so that Scott and I could get a nap...Oryn took one too. Thank heaven for parents! Saturday was a good day!!!

My older sister, Chrissy and her husband, Jake went to Hawaii for a week. So my parents being the wonderful Grandparents they are offered to take their 3 kids. Papa and Di drove down on Thursday to pick the kids up and then drove back on Saturday. After church on Sunday Makynna, Oryn, and I went to Gama and Papa's house to give Daddy the afternoon off(he was pulling a double shift so that he could get some work on the restaurant done). The adults were out numbered. 5 kids and 4 adults. We stayed for dinner, which wasn't a chaotic as I expected. I would have to say we did pretty good. There were no fights or arguments...but Makynna and Daniel became good friends. The decided to play in Gama's laundry room...they emptied half a bottle of liquid detergent on to the floor and proceeded to clean. Papa found them. I cleaned up the kids and Papa cleaned up the laundry room. Poor Papa!

Other then kids, there isn't much to report. We are still getting by. Living each day and loving each other. What more could we ask for...besides a million dollars.