Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kynna's 2nd Birthday

It has come and gone...way to quickly! Because I had to work on Kynna's actual birthday we planned it for the Saturday before. Everyone was able to come and enjoy the free entertainment; Makynna Ully at her finest. Of course she got spoiled. But boy did she have some fun. It was just close friends and family that came. Nice and quiet...well, for Kynna it was quiet anyways! Kynna's friend Jackson came with his mom and dad, Janelle and Jeff. Then a few of Scott and my friends came as well as the grands, great grands, and aunties. We held the festivities at Scott's mom and dad's house. It was awesome. But enough of me rambling...here is what everyone really wants to do, look at pictures.

Kynna was the first to try her cake...everyone else got the leftovers.

So that was Kynna 2nd Birthday. The ones she loves (and weren't to far away) came to show her they care. And we would like to thank everyone for your wonderful love and friendship. You all make Kynna's life that much more happy and special!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Kynna's Hair Cut...

I came to the realization two weeks ago that Makynna's hair had to be cut (after vowing to myself that I would not cut it because it looks so cute long) but she will not let me comb it let alone put it in a ponytail or even a clip. And because it has been so hot I did not want to torture her with long hair. We tried taking her to the salon but you guessed it, she freaked! They couldn't even get close to her. So...one night while we were at Grandma and Papa Hovan's house I cut her hair. Yes, I did it myself. She was in the tub, we got her distracted with some toys...and I took one chunk off...she was not happy...then I calmed her down and got her distracted again...and took another chunk off...once again not so happy. It took four different attempts but we got it...most of it anyways. I took 3 inches off the back! Her hair was so beautiful. But she looks cute anyways. She has a few fly away pieces but it looks like I actually took her to a salon.



Friday, July 13, 2007

Crazy few months...

I really have no excuse to not keeping my blog updated...well, other than a close to 2 year old, a full time night job, and morning sickness but those really aren't good reasons, are they!?!? We have been busy all around. Scott is working his butt off filling all the holidays his managers are taking as well as trying to keep up with Kynna and house work. I am doing about the same. Because of work schedules our poor house has been neglected. I only have one month left of work and then I will do my best to give it some tender love and care...which could take a while.

Kynna is doing great! She is almost two now. I cannot believe how smart she is...I know all parents say that but she pick things up so quickly. Her favorite thing; singing. She has a few favorite artists: Tom Petty, Michael Jackson, Snoop Dog, Shaggy, Jonny Cash, CCR and the list goes on. She can tell who is singing the songs and she knows most of the words to the songs. She only has to hear a song once or twice before she can pick up the words and the beat. It is quite amazing! Enough of me bragging about my precious little one. I had a minute before I need to go to bed. I have some new pics I will post soon.