Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Family Day At The Park

Since Scott took the week after his birthday off we have had some awsome family time. Makynna has enjoyed having Momom and Dadad home all day. She has been playing so hard that for the past four days she has been taking 3 1/2 hour naps and then wanting to go to bed by 7 pm. We have been keeping her up later so that our days weren't as long but she still slept 11-12 hours every night.

On Monday we got to go to Henderson Park and play. We walked around the Lake a bit, kicked her ball on the grass, went on the swings, and the slide, played in the rocks and dirt...but the funnest of all was watching the ride-on lawnmower! The city was cleaning up all the leave and branches from the winter. They were collecting them into a big pile then had a vacuum attached to the garbage truck to suck it all in. It was quite interesting. We ended up watching them for about 20 minutes...and when we left, boy was Kynna upset...then we saw some puppies and all was good again.

Today we decided to get some yard work done. Scott mowed the lawn while Kynna and Momom watched. Then we started to collect all the garbage and debris in the back yard. Kynna helped dig dirt, roll a tire, collect bugbugs, and sweep off the deck. She had a blast but wasn't to happy when it was nap time though.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday Dadad!!!!

Okay so I am slacking in the ability to wish Scott a Happy Birthday...well, on the blog anyways. From what I could tell Scott had a blast. We had the weekend planned to go Quading...seeing that is what We bought for him for his birthday...there was a group of 6 of us that were going out. Then last minute everyone cancelled dew to family things. So, Scott and I went by ourselves. It was a blast!!! We went to the Porcupine Hills. There was still some snow but it was 7 above when we got there and by the afternoon it was 14 above. There was tones of mud. I think I got the dirtiest out of the two of one point I even ate some mud, "Mmmm, like it!" as Kynna would say. Anywho, me being the silly person I am, forgot to bring the camera. So we only got the aftermath. So here you all go. Scott's new baby...

This is the day we picked it up

This was Saturday, April 21, 2007
(Scott's Birthday)

Makynna also bought Dadad a birthday present.
She got him a green iPod shuffle

Well, the kiddo is asleep so I should get my butt in gear and do some house work.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My little Hoodlum

Makynna and Momom were doing laundry today. Makynna found one of her bugbug gloves...which she refused to wear in the winter...and just had to wear it today. There was one huge problem though, we could not find the other one! Soooo, we put a sock on her other hand. Wow! Who knew that gloves could be so much fun!?!?! She ran around the house all morning with a sock on one hand and a mitten on the other. She would pick up her cup of juice and very carefully place it in my hands saying, "Cawrful, Momom. HOT!" then walk away. I would place it on the table and a little while later she would come back, look at the cup pick it up, hand it back to me, and repeat herself. I am guessing her "gloves" were actually oven mitts?!?!?! Then we found the bugbug tuque and had to wear it as well. There are no words to describe how much I love this little girl, so here are some pictures so you can see for yourselves.

Now aren't you just in love with this little girl too?
(her dadad's not so bad either)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Makynna and Momom

So I am continually getting harassed for pictures of Makynna and myself. Apparently I am a camera hog and won't let anyone take the pictures. The pictures may not be studio quality but they are of the two of the same picture. So no more bothering me, okay!?!?!
(Okay, so I was having an okay h
air day so I thought a picture or two couldn't hurt)

Don't you just love this kid's cheeks?!?!
Who knew chipmunks were so cute!?!?!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Makynna and Dadad's lazy day

Makynna and Dadad were watching a movie together...Momom just couldn't resist taking a picture. The two loves of my life looking so cute! I could just "SQUEEZE" them both.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kynna's Easter 2007

Well, as per usual Kynna got spoiled for Easter. She got lots of wonderfully beautiful cloths and a gorgeous yellow dress. She got chocolate galore. And her new favorite thing...a bike. She got a little helmet, some tassels for her handle bars, and a horn too. She knows that she is not allowed on her bike without her helmet and she is very good with that rule. I cannot believe how big she looks on the bike. I thought the bike might be too big for her but she looks like a big girl when she rides it. I cannot get over how time flies! It feels like just yesterday she was a little baby.

Makynna is retaining so much information now. Everyday it is something new. To watch a child grow and learn is nothing shy of a gift from God. How blessed we have been to have Makynna in our lives. And I am sure she will continue to touch other's lives as she grows into a beautiful young woman.
(Ahhhhh! What a sappy Mom-like thing to say)

Friday, April 6, 2007

Never a dull moment at work

So, tonight at work was crazy! We did Friday sales on a Thursday, with half the staff. Insane. That's not the best part though. So everyone goes home and I am left to finish up the paperwork and to close the place down. Unbeknownst to me, my closing cook emptied the drip trays from the grill tonight (for those of you who aren't sure of what I am talking about they are the trays under a grill that catch all the burnt chunks, any fallen sauce, etc.). Well, apparently all they do when they clean the drip trays is dump them right into the garbage bin. As I am leaving for the evening I walk out the door and smell smoke...then I look over AND THE GARBAGE BIN IS IN FLAMES!!!! It just so happens that our trash storage is also attached to our storage shed. I start to panic and run inside, start filling buckets with water and begin to carry them to the back door. As I go out side again the fire department shows up. One of our friendly neighbours had called. So, I spent another hour waiting to be sure that the grease bins that are also kept in the same area don't catch on fire as well. The fire department was able to put out the blaze without any problems but I got a severe lashing over our disposal procedures. Yippie!!! And that is my story. Now it is time for bed. Scott's alarm goes off in 2 1/2 hours.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Sorry but I could not resist...

Kynna picked up a movie off the shelf the other day. So Kynna and Momom watched the movie together. There is one part that we ended up watching over and over and over and over again. I was able to find the clip on YouTube. One of my employees said that I should put it on my blog here you go Richard. I know this will make Auntie Di happy too. So, slip on your dancing shoes and hit the play button...

I am not sorry for that at all!!!!