Thursday, November 1, 2007

How much fun can you have in one month!?!?

Its been a good month. Busy, hectic, kinda crazy but good! I am now at the 8 week count down. This kid is coming sooner then I expected. We are frantically trying to get the house that I mean I have been cleaning, donating, and throwing away. I cannot believe how much junk can be accumulated in such a short amount of time. We finally finished cleaning out our storage room so that we can transform it into our bedroom. By doing this we have discovered that there is never enough room to put stuff. Oh well!

Kynna's little mind is growing by the day. Her imagination is running away with her. Her vocabulary is extraordinary. And she is growing faster then we can buy cloths and shoes. But she is still my little angel!

I have decided that I have become not so bad at cutting my child's hair. This is the second time I have done it myself and people keep asking where I take it can't be that bad.

Kynna has a new favorite food group...Blue Jello! She has been stained blue a couple times but as long as she enjoys it...

Kynna loves to wait for her dad to come home from work...looking out the window telling me which cars and trucks do not belong to Scott.

And her favorite past time with her father is getting a ride in any container she can fit into...yes, even an empty garbage can!

We even had the chance to have a friend over for a play date. Kynna and Jackson had a blast making a mess, jumping on the couch, and tickling each other.

And then there was Halloween!