Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's official...

Well, it's official. Scott sold the Sammy. He parted with his baby on Sunday. He says he isn't sad but I know deep down inside he is crushed. Scott and Mike have been working on rebuilding the engine in the old Toyota. We bought it back from Dian. They say they should be done with the fine tuning tonight. We'll see. So this post is in loving memory of our beloved 4X4. Farewell to you and may you find the dirty, and treatcherous road ahead fun and enjoyable without us. You will be missed!

This is Makynna's first camping trip (July '06). She had a blast driving in the truck with us. The faster we went the more she laughed. The more bumps we went over the happier she was. I guess her Dadad will just have to build her a new one.

I think this is where Kynna first got her love of tires. She has to touch every tire she sees now. We recently took her to a dealership. She had to go to every tire, of every car and touch them all. She would say, "Wow! Fancy!" Some old people got a pretty good laugh out of it. That's my girl!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Kynna has a new found love of brushing her teeth. I truly believe it is because her toothpaste tastes like bubblegum but it could also be because she has a few more teeth coming in. That will bring the count to #17 and #18. Just about a mouthful.

There is one bad thing I have descovered about prolonged use of a toothbrush...the longer they brush the more saliva they produce! Who knew?!?! I have been on the recieving end of a few flying slobber bombs to the face this week. Now let me tell you how much fun that is!!! But still, I have been encouraging her to keep up the good habit...slime and all.

Getting Started...

I have decided that it is time I try my hand at the wonderful world of blogging. I guess I would like to start sharing the going-ons of the Ully's with friends and family. I think this will be more of a creative way to send pictures and updates than those boring mass e-mails. I am slightly computer inept and am hoping to learn something from this as well.

Things in the house have been chaotic for the past few weeks. Work for both Scott and me has been crazy. What time we do have together we spend trying to organize and tidy but every time we try to clean Makynna comes along. She is like a small typhoon, leaving nothing but complete distruction in her wake. People keep telling me it is normal for kids to make a mess...but if this is normal I don't want to see what she can do on a bad day!