Saturday, December 4, 2010

Arizona Trip November 2010

Now that I have been home for 2 weeks, me thinks it is time to post my adventures with my little sister while visiting her in Phoenix, Arizona.

I would first like to thank my wonderful husband for letting me leave him and the girls home for 4 days to fend for themselves while I traveled  to visit my very pregnant little sister!  I still wish I could have spent more than 4 days but it was truely enjoyable anyways!

I made myself a promise to travel to the states to visit my little sister before she had her first child.  So, I did just that.  I was able to find a cheep flight out of Great Falls, Montana to Phoenix-Mesa, Arizona.  Dian picked me up at the airport in Mesa, then we took the short drive to our great uncle's house.  Instead of having to find and pay for a hotel our uncle kindly let us borrow his vacation home in Goodyear, Arizona.  It is a gorgeous home!
Flowers in the back yard
A little wolf spider posing for a picture
Dian and baby Stewart

 We did discover that we were sharing the garage with 3 roommates....2 Black Widow spiders (along with their 7 egg sacks) and 1 very large Brown Recluse Spider.

All three where evicted...or should I say exterminated shortly after being found.

Dian and I spent the first two days shopping...and when I say the first two days I mean from 11am to 8pm both day.  For those who know me, I don't like to shop.  I do however love to spend money on my family...and so I did.  =o)

Talking on the elusive red phone
Playing Blockus
We spent our evenings playing games, goofing off, reading, or playing on Dian's computer.

The third day there Dian took me to see the Mesa Temple, where we walked the grounds.  I got to hug my first Palm tree and Cactus there!

Hugging a Palm Tree
Hugging a Cactus

We then proceeded to main street where they have an assortment of art work up and down the side walk.  We spent a few hours taking silly pictures with said art work.



 After that we took another short drive to Scottsdale.  We visited the 'Sugar Bowl' (for those you who remember the Family Circle cartoon in the paper, it is the ice cream shop that the family used to visit).  Everything inside is pink!  It was pretty cute!
The ice cream was no where as good as the stuff I make...but it was the company that mattered.

We then spent the rest of the evening walking around Old Town Scottsdale.  There were lots of little shops.  A very nice, quaint area.
Dian with Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs... =o)


I am sure by the end of the 4 days Dian was ready to kill me...and ready to sleep in her own bed again.  It was nice to spend some quality time with my little sis!  It just reminds me how much I miss being close to both my sisters.
Dian dropping me off at the airport

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